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Fill out this brief form and we’d be happy to discuss in more detail your requirements. How it works?

How it Works?

  • 1. Describe us your scope

    Tell us the goal of your project. Give us all the information we should know – requirement specifications; the functionalities you want to have and the purpose behind every part of your project. With more details comes a better quote. If you have an example of what you need, please share it. Any screenshots, drawings, videos and other visual guidance is much appreciated. Getting started is easy – fill the form above.

  • 2. Let's discuss your scope and set your milestones

    After receiving your brief, we contact you directly to discuss the project in more details. We work on gaining an understanding of your requirements and expectations in relation to define your specific design and functional needs. We’ll then use this information to give you an estimate, and we start the work based on the milestones we have agreed together.

  • 3. Development

    We work closely with you to develop a product that fully illustrates the proposed work. It’s continually refined to meet all the goals we set out to achieve. Developing your product should be a joy, not a burden. Being experts in algorithmic development allows us to create custom-tailored solutions.

  • 4. Quality check and revisions

    Our QA team carefully tests every functionality and feature to ensure that everything works correctly and is optimized for best performance, resulting in the most seamless user experience. After our QA team verifies your project, you will be asked to review the work and let us know about any additional changes that you may require.

  • 5. Receive all the files and launch your project

    After all the revisions are completed we’ll deliver all the files. Our primary goal is to make our clients satisfied. We will do everything to meet your expectations of the final work and deliver the promise of quality. We offer as well a post monthly maintenance support. Your trust is grounding for our partnership.

How to install items for NinjaTrader 8

  1. Download the item
  2. From the Control Center select the menu Tools > Import > NinjaScript Add-On…
  3. Select the downloaded ZIP file and press the “Import” button
  4. Once attached to a chart, you will be asked to enter your license key
  5. After successful validation, the NinjaScript should run

Important: If you haven’t installed any item from this marketplace before, you will need to restart NinjaTrader 8 platform so it can load our licensing library.

How to install items for cTrader

  1. Download the item
  2. Run the downloaded ALGO file which will install all necessary files
  3. Once attached to a chart, you will be asked to enter your license key
  4. After successful validation, the indicator/cBot should run