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Super Trend

Supertrend is a rather simple indicator. The Buy and Sell signal develops as soon as the indicator flips over the closing price. When the Supertrend closes below the Price, a Buy signal is generated, and when the Supertrend closes above the Price, a Sell signal is generated.

Supertrend is a trending indicator, and like all trending indicators, it works well in trending markets (in uptrends and downtrends). There’s nothing certain in Technical Analysis so is Supertrend also; as it does give misleading signals in sideways trends. However, it does give lesser false signals than a lot of other indicators and therefore if you are a day trader who wants to use indicators as part of your trading tactics, you definitely want to use Supertrend in your trading arsenal.


1.0.2 (August 18, 2020)
- Security and stability improvements

1.0.1 (July 4, 2020)
- Fixed: conflicts during importing the assembly

1.0.0 (June 12, 2020)
- Released
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