This Renko enables various Renko types to be created and is essentially the only Renko bars that you will ever need.

User has full control over the brick size, trend and reversal open offsets. These settings will allow you to create all of the well-known Renko variants such as the Median, Turbo, Hybrid, Classic, PointO as well as any other Renko type chart you can think of. See below for example settings.

  • Classic: Offset trend = 0%, Offset reversal = 100%
  • Median: Offset trend = 50%, Offset reversal = 50%
  • Turbo: Offset trend = 25%, Offset reversal = 75%
  • Hybrid: Offset trend = 75%, Offset reversal = 25%
  • PointO: Offset trend = 0%, Offset reversal = 0%

Additionally, this Renko retains real market opening price and rounds its close to the nearest number to maintain a grid behaviour, unlike other Renkos publicly available where all bricks are shifted based on the very first tick of the market which might differ from broker to broker.

1.1.1 (June 22, 2020)
- Improved: initial loading speed

1.1.0 (June 21, 2020)
- Added: brick type allowing to calculate open/close only
- Added: an option to set offset in ticks or percents
- Fixed: reversal offset not allowing for 0 value
- Fixed: timestamp showing open time instead of close time
- Fixed: wrong volume allocation during gap filling
- Improved: display name

1.0.0 (June 15, 2020)
- Released

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PoshTrader Ltd
Author Since: Jul 2020
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    NinjaTrader 8

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    Bars Type

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How to install items for NinjaTrader 8

  1. Download the item
  2. From the Control Center select the menu Tools > Import > NinjaScript Add-On…
  3. Select the downloaded ZIP file and press the “Import” button
  4. Once attached to a chart, you will be asked to enter your license key
  5. After successful validation, the NinjaScript should run

Important: If you haven’t installed any item from this marketplace before, you will need to restart NinjaTrader 8 platform so it can load our licensing library.

How to install items for cTrader

  1. Download the item
  2. Run the downloaded ALGO file which will install all necessary files
  3. Once attached to a chart, you will be asked to enter your license key
  4. After successful validation, the indicator/cBot should run