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Here at Poshtrader, we are excited to introduce a new release of our online marketplace. We’re constantly striving to improve our technology and user experience so it better serves our subscribers and authors. While the new marketplace comes loaded with many new features we’ve spent a lot of time optimizing the core functionality so you can get the best out of it.

Here are five key upgrades that we expect to make a huge difference:

eCommerce system

The eCommerce system in our new marketplace makes life easier, both for our new – and existing customers. Customers now have a quick “checkout” just click on a product or subscription and simply check out. Or if you are interested in selling without worrying about anything else than programming? Maybe got an idea for a trading tool and would like to distribute it but don’t have the experience? PoshTrader is offering programming services and a marketplace where you can sell your products backed by subscription models and product licensing to protect from unauthorized distribution and increase your sales.

Licensing system

The basic concept of our licensing is that your application should contact an online license server, to confirm the validity of the license key provided by the user to activate the license. The license server must store the device/user fingerprint created upon the time of license activation and use it to validate the license key for further activations to prevent the usage of the license key on other devices.

C# Language

The new marketplace has a lot going on behind the scenes as well.
Tools for trading platforms supporting C# language and custom libraries can be licensed with the Poshtrader Licensing and featured in the marketplace.

Author dashboard

One of the most visible improvements to the new marketplace is the author dashboard that makes managing your author content as easy as posting to your blog. The marketplace is simple to use so that authors can focus on creating rather than having to worry about how to market or build interactions.

Custom Development

Whether you need to develop a trading solution for your own needs or would like to join the marketplace but don’t have programming skills, we are here to help you out and get you started with ease.

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